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Sleeping Bear Farms

Kirk Jones | Sleeping Bear FarmsThirty years ago Kirk Jones bought two hives of bees from a local beekeeper with the idea of making some honey for his family.  He was inspired by a childhood memory of finding a log full of honeybees in the wilds of Louisiana and fascinated with the pleasant hum of busy bees gathering nectar with no apparent regard for the onlookers.  Those first two hives were so much fun, that the beekeeping turned into a full time endeavor within a few years.  In 1990 another beekeeper, Dave Nesky from Bingham, Michigan joined the team and the business was renamed Sleeping Bear Farms / Sleeping Bear Apiaires.

Star Thistle Honey

Star Thistle flowers make a unique tasting honey just like different grapes make distinct wines.  Their signature honey is gathered from the nectar of Star Thistle.  Only in northern Michigan does it grow in abundant enough quantities to allow them to bottle as true to source.  They’ve been making Star Thistle honey in Michigan for over 25 years.  Star Thistle Honey is Sunshine in a jar.

Tupelo Honey

Florida Tupelo honey is one of the rarest honeys with an exquisite buttery flavor and light color. Tuplelo trees thrive along the rivers and creeks of the Florida panhandle and have delicate fragrant blossoms that can produce wonderful honey crops. The Florida Tupelo flower is very delicate and blooms for only a very short time every year. Their beekeepers go through great lengths to keep their Florida Tupelo honey pure by taking all the honey boxes off the hives and putting on clean empty beewax combs right as the first tupelo flowers bloom. After about two weeks of bloom, they go out and take the honey boxes off the hives and spin it out to get the rare tupelo honey.

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